About Mixology

Roman Brown, owner and top DJ for Mixology, was born and raised in New York. He always had a passion for music and entertaining people, but never saw it as a career until he discovered that one of his friend's dad owned a DJ entertainment company on Long Island. Roman began to work for him as an assistant at 16 years old, helping set up and break down equipment, but he knew that was not where he wanted to be for long. He took it upon himself to buy his own equipment and spent hours each night learning the art of DJing. After a few months, he was ready to perform and has been at it ever since!
Now Roman lives in Charlotte and has used his knowledge and 6 years of experience to bring his own company to life like he had always envisioned. Mixology is based out of Charlotte, but has DJ's all over the country and is growing rapidly!

We provide music and entertainment for any event.